Ten Years Gone

Then as it was, then again it will be
An’ though the course may change sometimes
Rivers always reach the sea – Ten Years Gone – Led Zeppelin

Well Well Well. Ten years have zipped by since I launched No Traces. Ten YEARS! Wow. Where does the time go?

I decided it’s time to change things up a bit. The truth is I haven’t really put much on my site for several years now. I’d pop up a few images here and there, but more for the benefit of family and close friends who don’t use flickr or instagram.

Still – I always yearned to do more. The site was becoming old and flimsy – the underlying structure never really updated. I had to shut down comments because I couldn’t keep the spam away – my archives page was out of control – I was limited to a certain file size for my images — on and on…

And then – I happened to log in to look at something on my site and found an annoying message that simply read, “Account Suspended”. No email from the hosting provider. No nothing. I submitted a ticket and expected to hear something right away, but… I’ll spare you the details.

The good news is I’m in the process of setting up the old site under a different domain name so all the entries will be available to see – good for family and friends. I have all the photos backed up — but it’s the writing that has most meaning to me — the light and dark days of my life in my own words – and pictures…

Which brings me back here. I didn’t want to simply retire notraces.com. It’s like an old friend. A trusted friend. We know each other well – we are one. I need my place to show what’s going on in my world. I need a place to write. I need a place to share. So, I’ll keep it alive. I’ll use WordPress for now – and see where this takes me.

The No Traces domain is all paid for through 2021 – hopefully, I won’t croak before then – and – hopefully, I’ll also figure out how to reinvent this thing…

A very special thanks to anyone who has visited No Traces over the last ten years. It’s been a lot of fun – I’ve met A LOT of people as a result – I’ve learned so much — and — I’ve enjoyed sharing my life through my own images and words…

Now, let’s just see…



  1. Tom Bolton says:

    Glad to hear that the photos from the original NoTraces will not be hidden from posterity indefinitely. I’ve followed NoTraces since long before the move to Canada. I have 5-year-old twin boys myself, born shortly after Mae and I have enjoyed seeing her grow up. Please let us know when the photos are back!

    • Thanks, Tom – Glad someone is still out there! And thanks for following along for so long. My head gets all woozy when I think about all that’s happened in ten years — and even woozier when I think about having TWIN boys!

      I’m working with the provider right now to set up the old site under a new domain – and then I’ll link to it here.

      The plan is to find a good Worpress person to help me build out a new site with a lot more flexibility…

  2. Now I’m glad I left notraces.com in my daily-visit folder. I knew that one day I’d be surprised by a new entry (though I came close to deleting the bookmark when I saw the Account Suspended note. I was just too lazy to do it).

    WordPress has been very good to me, though I don’t demand much. I haven’t tweaked it much with the exception of paying a guy $50 to add navigation links to the top of the Thesis theme.

    Can’t wait to see what fills this space in the future.

    • Hey Joe!

      Yeah – someone from Russia hacked my email had with the hosting company, so they suspended it and don’t tell me.

      I figured it was a good time to get off my butt and do something new. I’m pretty good with WP, so I’ll have something spiffy up soon.

  3. I’m still here, and happy to see what is coming next. I’ve been visiting No Traces for nearly the entire ten years and I enjoy seeing what you’re up to.

  4. Welcome back :)

    Looking forward for that the future reserved for your blog.
    Keep up the good work and bring back the photos :)

    A reader from Romania :)

  5. Hi Bob. Looking forward to the new incarnation of No Traces, one of the few photo-blogs still around from the old skool days when I started mine. I remember the birth of your children and all the wonderful film photos. Time does fly. Your night time long exposures are remarkable and kept me inspired through the years. Hope to see lots more. Cheers!

  6. Oh dear… I blame facebook. Or flickr. I still remember my first comment here.

    No Traces always was an inspiration.

  7. Mary McNevin-Paulson says:

    Hi Bob
    Have No Traces on my Desktop, I check in from time to time. Now I will be visiting more often. Love seeing your photos (have some up around the house…). Still learning every time I visit your site. Hope you visit Chicago soon.

    Happy you are back!

  8. Life has a way to bring changes in priorities. However, it’s just another season of life. Keep the camera not too far away — you never know when the next season will come. I’ve enjoyed the pictures for all these years. – JR

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